Oxenford State School is full of life and imagination within the Music Program. Our school offers all students a dynamic range of musical opportunities in which they can read, write, create, perform and respond. Actively engaging in the Music Program enables students to develop skills including communication, cognition and study skills which can be applied to all learning areas. 

Classroom Music

Every student at Oxenford State School participates in weekly specialist music lessons. The classroom music program is aligned with current curriculum documents and based on the Kodály method, a sequential approach to music which incorporates rhythm syllables, moveable do solfège, hand signs and movement. 

In the early years, students build a solid foundation for music by exploring the concepts of beat, pitch, rhythm and expressive elements through song, rhyme and movement. In the middle and senior school classroom music lessons compliment the instrumental and choral programs, providing students with opportunities to compose, create and perform. 

Choral Program

The Oxenford State School Choral Program is an extension of Classroom Music and uses the skillset acquired by students in lesson time. Choirs perform at various events throughout the year including the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, Creative Generation Voices, Music Count Us In, as well as school workshops, music evenings and special assemblies.

We currently have two non-auditioned choirs which rehearse weekly at lunchtime. The Junior Choir, for students in Years 1-3, is where students learn to use their singing voice and develop a healthy and clear tone. Repertoire for the Junior Choir is simple and mostly in unison so that students can focus on listening skills, pitch matching and choral sound.  Students in Year 4-6 further develop their skills in Senior Choir where repertoire is more complex and in two-part harmony.

The Choral Program is an important part of music in our school, and the skills gained by the students will remain with them for life. 

Instrumental Music Program

The Instrumental Program at Oxenford State School includes both a band and a strings program. As in the Choral Program, students involved in the Instrumental Music Program participate in many performances throughout the year including the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, Fanfare, school workshops, music evenings and special assemblies.

Students in the Instrumental Music Program receive small group tuition and larger ensemble participation on a weekly basis. There are two components of the program which cover the different instrument families. 


Students can join the strings program in Year 3 with the options of violin, viola, cello or double bass. In their second year of tuition, students will join the Senior String Ensemble. 


Students may join the band program in Year 4, learning a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. Beginner Band comprises students who are either learning an instrument for the first time or learning a second instrument. When students commence their second year of the band program they will join the Senior Band. 

Last reviewed 06 April 2020
Last updated 06 April 2020