Oxenford State School is full of life and imagination within the Music Program. Our school offers all students a dynamic range of musical opportunities in which they can read, write, create, perform and respond. Actively engaging in the Music Program enables students to develop skills including communication, cognition and study skills which can be applied to all learning areas. 

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." ― Plato 400BC

The music program at Oxenford State School places emphasis on the learning of music, singing and instrumental music. Our focus is to promote excellence in the arts and continue to shape our innovative practices and implement a meaningful music program within the curriculum. Currently, Education Queensland provides the school with a classroom music teacher and two instrumental teachers:

Ms Julia Mpoumpis- Music Coordinator, Specialist Classroom Music teacher and Choir teacher

Mr Bill Buchannan-Instrumental Music Specialist (woodwind, brass and percussion) flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, percussion and other multi instruments such as electric bass

EOI Instrumental 2022 (PDF, 1123KB)

Ms Sarah Larmor -Instrumental Music Specialist (strings) - violin, viola, cello and double bass.

EOI Strings 2022 (PDF, 216KB)​

​Classroom Music

Every student at Oxenford State School participates in weekly specialist music lessons. The classroom music program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum documents Students are engaged in composing, performing and reflecting on their work. In the early years, students build a solid foundation for music by exploring the concepts of beat, pitch, rhythm and expressive elements through song, rhyme and movement. In the middle and senior school classroom music lessons are complemented with the learning of recorders, xylophones and keyboards. Senior students also explore electronic music composition programs as part of their learning. 

Choral Program

The Oxenford State School Choral Program is an extension of Classroom Music and uses the skillset acquired by students in lesson time. Choirs perform at various events throughout the year including the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, Creative Generation Voices, Music Count Us In, as well as school workshops, music evenings and special assemblies.

We currently have two non-auditioned choirs which rehearse weekly at lunchtime. The Junior Choir, for students in Years 1-3, is where students learn to use their singing voice and develop a healthy and clear tone. Repertoire for the Junior Choir is simple and mostly in unison so that students can focus on listening skills, pitch matching and choral sound.  Students in Year 4-6 further develop their skills in Senior Choir where repertoire is more complex and in two-part harmony.

The Choral Program is an important part of music in our school, and the skills gained by the students will remain with them for life. 

  • Attendance at all weekly rehearsals
  • Practice of repertoire taught during rehearsals
  • Full participation in all performances, Eisteddfods, Fanfare, Music Count Us In and other school events.
Fees and Charges
In 2020 choir will not have a levy and will be free to all interested students. Music students are able to purchase a music polo shirt at a cost of $35 from the Uniform Shop or via MunchMonitor.  It is not compulsory in 2020 to have a music polo.
"If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music." - Albert Einstein

Instrumental Music Program

The Instrumental Program at Oxenford State School includes both a band and a strings program. As in the Choral Program, students involved in the Instrumental Music Program participate in many performances throughout the year including the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, Fanfare, school workshops, music evenings and special assemblies.

Students in the Instrumental Music Program receive small group tuition and larger ensemble participation on a weekly basis. There are two components of the program which cover the different instrument families. 


Students can join the strings program in Year 3 with the options of violin, viola, cello or double bass. In their second year of tuition, students will join the Senior String Ensemble that rehearse before school. 


Students may join the band program in Year 4, learning a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. Initially students develop skills which enable them to acquire the ability necessary to play in the school band. In semester two all beginner students will join the school band.

Once selected, students make a commitment to the program for the remainder of their time at Oxenford State School that includes:

  • Attendance at scheduled lessons with the instrument, tutor book, plastic folder containing music and anything else required by the teacher.
  • Daily practice of materials taught during lessons. Beginners are expected to practice for 15 minutes per day, building up to 30 minutes practice per day by the end of their first year.
  • Full participation in band and ensemble rehearsals which take place before school, during lunch or after school hours once per week.
  • Full participation in all performances, Eisteddfod and competitions in which the school enters.

What Your Child Will Learn

Ther is a wide range of benefits to participation in a music program. These include:

  • Knowledge and appreciation of music (including the history and geography of pieces taught)
  • Literacy skills - learning to read music
  • Teamwork and cooperation skills necessary to be a successful and effective member of a band/ensemble
  • Learning the techniques specific tot he instrument-breathing, posture
  • Knowledge of other musical instruments (including excursions to see a professional symphony orchestra perform)
  • Development of personal attributes of discipline, perseverance, committment and self-esteem
  • Achievement of personal and group success

Fees and Charges (2020)

Instrumental Music Levy

Although there is no charge for lessons, all students involved in the IMP are required to pay an annual Music Levy of $35. If your child wishes to do an additional instrument, the total cost for two instruments is $50. This levy goes towards purchasing music, supplies, photocopying music for specific instruments as per Australian Copyright conditions, entry fees to music festivals, and South East Region (SER) administration costs.
The annual Music Levy and Instrument Hire Fee (see below), if applicable, is to be paid by Wednesday (Week 4, Term 1). There is no pro-rata adjustment made for late enrollment in the Instrumental Music Program. Please note that no refunds will be given in the event of a student discontinuing their instrumental lessons. The annual Music Levy and hire fee must be paid before students can attend lessons or loan a school instrument.
New music students will also need to purchase a music polo shirt at a cost of $35. This can be purchased through the uniform shop or online via MunchMonitor.

Instrument Hire Fee

There is an annual hire fee of $100 to hire a school owned instrument. This hire fee is to cover the cost of repairs and services to the instrument, which are carried out each year. Please note: Families will be required to pay the fee and complete the Queensland Governemtn EQ11 External Request for Equipment form before receiving the instrument.
  • The office will issue an invoice for each music student
  • A payment plan is available, please discuss this option with office staff
  • Instruments will not be issued until payment has been received
  • Payments can be made at the office payment window on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Please do not give forms and money to teachers
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the teachers below.

​Ms Julia Mpoumpis

Music Coordinator
Classroom Music Specialist
Choir Teacher

Mr Bill Buchannan

Instrumental Teacher​

Ms Sarah Larmor

Strings Teacher​

Last reviewed 12 November 2021
Last updated 12 November 2021