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I trust that you are all safe, healthy and enjoying the time away from school. As you are aware this week we have had students of essential workers attending daily. It has been a great week given the circumstances. If your child/ren have not been at school this week I hope they have been able to engage in some levels of learning.

At the time of this communication, I have received no notification from the department about what schooling will look like next term. I believe we are well placed for any scenario to ensure learning is accessible for our students.

I have been receiving calls from parents saying that other schools will be closed. Until I hear from the Director General of the Department of Education or Minister for Education, we do not know exactly what will happen. I ask that you wait patiently for this decision. I will certainly communicate to parents once I know.

During this final week of the school term teachers have been planning and preparing for the possibility of online teaching and learning during Term 2.

The following information provided relates to the scenario of either full or partial school closures resulting in the continuity of learning for students to be offered through online platforms.

Students of Oxenford State School will engage in two main platforms: 

  • OneNote Class Notebook
  • Live web conferencing (the exact program will be advised in week 1, Term 2) 

Please note, this content has been adapted and differentiated to align to the three levels of planning documents for Oxenford SS and ensures the continuity of learning for all students regardless if students were learning as per normal at school or at home. This content is different to the generic fortnightly units available on the Learning @ Home page.

OneNote Class Notebook

Each year level have created a digital OneNote Class Notebook for the whole class to post lessons, videos, activities, photographs and much more. These independent learning materials include curriculum resources. OneNote Class Notebook provides opportunities and resources for your child so they can continue their learning while not being able to access school.

These materials are designed as a support tool for students to engage in familiar activities essential to their learning and wellbeing. The included tasks and activities allow your child to work at their own pace from home. Students in Prep to Year 2 will require support to read and understand instructions and write responses. 

Each OneNote Class Notebook is organised into three parts:

  1. Student Notebooks — a private space shared between the teacher and each individual student. Teachers can access every student notebook while students can only see their own.
  2. Content Library — a read-only space where teachers can share handouts with students. 
  3. Collaboration Space — currently this space is not in use. 

The Class Notebook information below will provide a step by step guide outlining how to access year level OneNote Class Notebook. Students will automatically be notified by email when OneNote Class Notebook has been shared with them. 

1. Please pin OneNote to your task bar.

At some stage on the weekend before the beginning of Term 2 students will receive an email from their class teacher. It will look like the following.


2. Click on OPEN. This will take them to the ‘online version’ of their class notebook.

3. Because the platform works best in the desktop application, click on “open in app” 

4. It will begin syncing content immediately

Live Web Conferencing 

As teachers continue to familiarise themselves with the different approved web conferencing programs, the earliest teachers will be commencing these live sessions with students will be in Week 2, Term 2. More information to confirm specific times for these live sessions will be provided to parents/carers during the first week next term.

Given the uncertainty of the situation, we have planned in a way that can be adapted and teachers will respond according, with no impact to the continuity of learning for all students. Please be aware any changes implemented by State and Federal governments relating to education will determine these changes and sometimes without a lot of notification.

I ask for your patience and understanding during the initial stages of this learning. Teachers have worked extremely hard over the last week to build their capabilities with new technologies and ways of working to ensure quality teaching and learning continues to be provided to your child/ren. It would not be reasonable to expect everything to run smoothly without some glitches that will need to be adjusted as we navigate these ‘uncharted waters’.

Teachers will be available through their school email (MIS) for parents to communicate. If your child/ren sit within the upper year levels and are able to email their class teacher with queries or questions, this must be sent through your child’s school email (MIS) account to their teacher’s school email (MIS) account only.

If you are unable to access learning materials online then please contact the school so other arrangements can be discussed and provided.

I believe each of the three main Telcos are offering extra data for their customers. This may be worth looking at and arranging.

I would like to thank the many well wishes, chocolates and cakes etc, families have sent to the school for staff. I certainly believe we have a wonderful school community and I am very proud to be the principal of this great school.

If you need to contact the school to ask any questions please use the following emails. Emails will be checked regularly in the second week of the holidays.

General Enquiries:

Liz Cook, Deputy Principal: 

Patric Brady, Principal:

It is important during a time like this to use the factual information provided by the school. We will be communicating regularly with our community to keep you informed with the relevant information to ensure strong partnerships between school and home during this difficult time. We will continue to move forward together to ensure the same journey of every student succeeding occurs, only through a different route. Updates will be provided through our newsletter application, school website and FaceBook page. Please check these regularly. 

Please take care, stay safe, enjoy the time with family.

Mr Patric A Brady


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Last reviewed 14 April 2020
Last updated 14 April 2020